I became an Episcopalian in 1967 when I married John. I was baptized at Zion Lutheran Church, Zionsville, Texas (Brenham) and confirmed at St. James  Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas.  John and I were married at St. Matthews Methodist Church in Houston, Texas. We have been at St. Paul's since 1975.  It has always felt like family. Marla and I are co-treasurers.  I take care of paying the bills, balancing the checking account, and doing the reports for the vestry meetings.


I began attending St. Paul's Episcopal Church about 25 years ago, with my husband, and was confirmed there in 1988. At that time, I was not attending any church regularly, and having grown up in a small country church, I was a little intimidated by the different services and customs of the Episcopal Church. Those fears soon flew out the window as I was immediately welcomed and made to feel at home by the congregation and priest at that time. It was wonderful to have a church family again. Over the years the congregation has changed and priests have come and gone, but St. Paul's is where my heart is.