Prayer Shawl Ministry

The original prayer shawl ministry began with a group of women who participated in the first Women’s Leadership Institute at Hartford Seminary. One of the members began knitting shawls for women who were undergoing treatment for breast cancer and other illnesses. Other members soon began to knit shawls for new mothers. More recently, women have knitted shawls for men who are ill, and have received very heartfelt thanks for this gift of healing. These wonder gifts of love can be found all over the country now. Crochet shawls are also great for those who do not knit! The shawls are created in prayer, and are known to provide great comfort to the recipient.

At St. Paul’s we have a Blessing of new shawls on the third Sunday of each month, and keep a supply on hand in the parish hall. If anyone knows of someone who needs the comfort of a shawl wrapped around them in sickness, times of uncertainty or doubt, or any reason whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to ask for one. We are continually adding to the supply,  so everyone can be ministered to. These shawls are given freely, with no strings attached. There is no “qualifying process”; every single person is a child of God, and if He doesn’t ask questions, we won’t either!

Helen Quinn is our main knitter and she could use some more knitters. Are you interested in participating in the prayer shawl ministry? You can do so in one of two ways: 1) knit prayer shawls, 2) buy yarn for someone else to knit a prayer shawl! Helen has offered to teach anyone who wants to knit prayer shawls how to knit. Just contact her for particulars. You can also talk to her about donating yarn.
A special prayer is said when beginning to knit the shawls, the knitters add prayers during the knitting, and they are blessed at our altar prior to distribution. A card accompanies the shawl explaining that as the shawls enclose the recipient with warmth, they also enclose them with prayers and God’s love. It is a marvelous opportunity to put those TV watching hours to better use. Helen insists that the shawl pattern is easy to knit!

Please, feel free to get a shawl from the office if you know someone in need. They are provided so that we can minister to those needing a ‘healing hand.’

For more information on this ministry or to request a prayer shawl, please call the church office at (936) 825-7726 or send us an email at