In January of 2014, St. Paul’s had 4 active youth, (2 in elementary school, 1 in Jr high and 1 in high school), from two families and no regular youth program beyond acolyte service. The year closed with 8 students from the aforementioned age group with 6 in Jr. High and High School meeting on a weekly basis as a youth group and 7 serving in an assortment of roles on Sunday mornings.
According to Bishop Fisher, 'the Lord has given St. Paul’s a youth group and it is now our responsibility to not squander that gift'. That this is a gift from the Lord is evidenced in three specific ways. First, the fall confirmation class led by Rev. Cindy Engle and assisted by Mike Mullen, initially started for one student and unexpectedly grew to 5 candidates who were confirmed during the celebration of the church’s 150th anniversary in October. Second, during the confirmation classes, the students voiced an interest in continuing as a youth group and have done so meeting weekly since Confirmation along with the 6th teen and the occasional invited friend. And third, The Bishop did something he had never done before when he entrusted the loose collection, normally designated to a Bishop discretionary fund, to the stewardship of the teens for God’s work in the local community. (A part of the weekly prayer time together in the following months has been for wisdom in discernment of the use of those funds during 2015.)