I began attending St. Paul's in 1987 at age 12 when my mom re-married. My step-father, Ben Swank Jr., was a member of St. Paul's, while my mom and I were still members of the United Church of Christ in Washington, Texas. We attended each church on a rotating schedule every month.  I was confirmed at Friedens UCC in Washington at age 14.  Then, in 1996, at age 20, after a life altering event, I became an official Episcopalian by re-confirming at St. Paul's. I have had my church memberships at Friedens UCC, in Washington, Texas & St. Paul's Episcopal Church, in Navasota.

I have always felt accepted at St. Paul's, no matter what.  I have made many mistakes in my life, but the members of St. Paul's have always treated me like family and made me feel right at home here.  That is why I left Friedens UCC in Washington;  I never felt "at home" there.  I love St. Paul's. I was re-confirmed and married here. Both of my children were baptised here.  It is a huge part of my family's history and will continue to be a huge part of my family's future.

  The tasks done in the office are bascially what keeps the church organized and running smoothly.  Any and all issues in the church are ultimately handled through the office. I am usually the primary contact for everyone.  All contact made with Church or Vestry Members, outside of Church on Sunday, are made from the office either by a phone call or e-mail from Rev. Cindy or myself. I am the assistant to Rev. Cindy and Co-Treasures, Linda & Marla. I also assist anyone else that has questions or needs some other form of church business attended to. I do the bulletins for all services at St. Paul's, and I take care of the everyday tasks required of the Church Secretary. I bring a sense of organization and attention to detail, coupled with a knowledge of the church and people as well as a love for the church!
You can contact Kathleen with questions or concerns 24 hours a day via email or by phone during regular office hours. Please visit the contact us page office hours, phone number or email address.