Altar Guild

St. Paul’s Altar Guild consists of three teams that rotate service monthly.  Currently, there members include, Paula Feldmann, Cindy Becker, Marla Carroll, Kathleen Dimmel, directress, Chris Albright, Giovana Morales and Hannah Dimmel.

The team serving is responsible for setting up for communion and cleaning up after the services, caring for the altar linens and taking the flowers to someone after the service.  They are also responsible for any special services such as weddings, baptisms and funerals.

The Altar Guild meets every other month, primarily to polish the brass and silver, discuss upcoming events and any other business that pertains to their duties.  But this is also a great opportunity to visit and get caught up on what is going on with each other.  Since we are a small group and since serving on our altar guild means you are a member for life or until you retire, we become well acquainted over the years.

The work of the Altar Guild is done behind the scenes and is an opportunity for quiet service to God. It is often done individually, so we each have the opportunity to be alone at the altar and spend time praying and meditating. This makes altar guild service at St. Paul's very special and rewarding.

Anyone interested in this ministry is encouraged to contact the Altar Guild Directress, currently Gail Boone - or show up to polish some brass or silver!

Altar Guild Prayer

 Almighty God, grant, we beseech thee, that we may handle holy things with reverence, and perform our work with such faithfulness and devotion that it may rise with acceptance before thee and obtain thy blessing: through Christ our Lord. Amen.